Black Friday Sales: Smart Devices worth the Buy

Black Friday Sales: Smart Devices worth the Buy

If you’ve been thinking about getting some smart devices for your home, then this is the year do it. That too in the upcoming Black Friday Sales! Smart devices are not just cool, they’re pretty useful too. Apart from providing as inexpensive means on automating aspects of your home, they are quite good for energy conservation and some for beefing up home security.

Black Friday is that one time of the year where extensive shopping lists are catered to, where people line up outside stores hours before opening, and keep refreshing online websites to grab things before they run out of stock. And that can usually happen within a matter of minutes!

However, use this year’s Black Friday Sales to buy those smart devices you’ve been pondering over. You won’t be paying full price regardless, and you might as well test them out too! You won’t regret a single purchase.

Smart Devices You Should Buy on This Year’s Black Friday

  1. Yale Assure Lock SL

Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, the Yale Assure Lock is a smart lock that features a touchscreen keypad to lock and unlock your door, alongside a mobile app that also lets you access your door lock – remotely might we add!

With the Yale Access mobile app users can check on the lock status from wherever they are, as well as control the device’s settings too. It can let you unlock the door without having to lend out your passcode to people as well. This device is essentially tamperproof and provides for a keyless means of entry to your home.

And what if you don’t have your phone? That’s alright, use the touchscreen keypad instead! Or better yet, when synced with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, it can unlock and lock the door based on simple voice enabled commands.

So if you’re intrigued by the Yale Smart Lock black Friday is the time to purchase it!

  1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Compared to other smart home devices (excluding smart kitchen appliances) smart thermostats are usually pricey, and for justifiable reasons. You should add a smart thermostat to your Black Friday shopping list and your best bet would be to snatch the Google Nest Learning Thermostat while you can! Given that it is originally priced at $249, who knows what steal deal you might get?

The thing about the Google Nest Learning Thermostat is that much like all smart thermostats, it features a mobile application via which the device can be controlled – remotely too might we add. And it is also compatible with not only the Google Assistant voice assistant, but also Amazon’s Alexa. So remote and voice enabled control of the thermostat in your home; isn’t that reason enough to get one? Here’s another reason, the Nest Learning Thermostat just as its name suggests, learns the preferred temperature and usual temperature settings of the household, and adjusts itself accordingly throughout the day so you won’t even have to!

This device isn’t just about automation, it’s more about energy efficiency too. And with that it also brings the bonus factor of reduced heating and cooling bills overtime.

  1. WIZ Motion Sensor and LED Bulbs

Automated lighting in your home was the coolest thing one could brag about. But it’s not something that’s out of reach, smart lights are easily available and easy installable so they can fit right into any space!

The WIZ LED bulbs will be your best bet at automating your home lighting and with the additional WIZ Motion Sensor you can turn your ordinary lights into automated ones too. The LED Bulbs unlike ordinary light bulbs consume less energy in general, so not only does the mobile app access or motion sensor feature enable you to cut back on the electric bill, but so does the LED bulb itself. The WIZ LED bulbs aren’t only controlled through the motion sensor or the mobile app, instead they are also compatible with voice assistants – that adds voice enabled commands to the list too.

Generally you would find paying $25 for a 2-pack of LED Smart Bulbs absurd, but why not use Black Friday as the perfect excuse to get them?

  1. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

You’d probably just get one smart plug if it’s priced at $24.99, because you can just use it whenever you have to, right? But why not grab a few this Black Friday?

Smart Plugs like the Wemo Smart Plug can be switched on or off through the mobile app, just like all smart devices can. You can even set a schedule for the plug to switch on at a certain time and switch off on its own too. It’s Away Mode comes in handy especially for when you’re not home or out of the city, because it can switch any plugged in lamps on and off at certain times to make it seem like the house isn’t empty.

Nevertheless, the Wemo Smart Plug isn’t just useful for plugging in your lamps, but you could potentially use them for space heaters in the living room, for your curling irons in the bathroom, or chargers as well – anything that you usually forget to switch off basically.

Is There More?

Yes of course, there is a plethora of smart devices out there, each as useful as the next and serving long term benefits to any household. That is why we recommended that you switch up your usual shopping list for Black Friday this year and include something for the home too! Call it an investment if you will.



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