Reasons for Using a Meditation Pillow


Doing meditation in a more effective way is an art that most people try for. People also try various poses like half or a quarter lotus pose, arched back pose etc to make their practice or exercise more effective in order to energize their body and keep inner peace. But what many of the people fail to understand is the importance of the use of a meditation pillow while doing meditation. Meditation Pillow is one such thing in your meditation room that nothing can replace it because of the various benefits it offers.

Here are some of the compelling reasons for the benefits of using a meditation pillow while meditating. 


Sitting posture 

You might have observed that you cannot sit for long hours of meditation due to muscle cramps on your legs or back ache along the spine. This is the most common problem that people face while meditating on a mat or bare floor. The main reason behind these pains is the lack of support to your body for sitting on the mat or floor. So the universal solution to this problem is using a pillow while meditating for a round the clock support to your body. The pillow helps you to sit in a comfortable sitting position by adjusting your feet and legs according to your convenience. 


Detox your thoughts

The pillow will help you to detox your thoughts because once you sit in an uncomfortable position, your body loses focus and concentration thus making you wander on various unrelated things. Wandering on various thoughts can be avoided by concentrating on the breath that you inhale and exhale. You can also focus on the light or the energy or the sound of your fan in your room to avoid distractions. But can you be able to even concentrate on these aspects if you are not comfortable with your sitting position. So a meditation pillow helps you to comfortably sit at a place of your own and concentrate on your session whether linger or shorter and yield better results. 


To avoid pain

Sitting on the floor for at least an hour is an important task once you are comfortable with it. But longer sessions of meditation can develop muscle pains in your legs or develop cramps and pain thus distracting the entire session. This intermittent meditation will not allow inner peace rather intensify the already existing problems of backache and muscle cramps. So using a pillow for meditation will allow you to sit for a longer time while not developing or avoiding pains in your legs or feet. 


Support your feet

If you are a beginner, you may be initiating the meditation for 5 minutes but if you are a seasoned meditator, longer sessions are essential. And for a longer hour, your legs want to stretch up, which is not possible on the floor without disturbing them. So using a pillow while you are doing a Lotus Pose or a kneeling position or an arched back position, will help you to stretch your legs properly and support your feet and lower legs. This will ease your joints, ankles, and the feet and provide comfort while defining the meditation space. 


Erect your spine 

The most important aspect of people doing meditation is to solve the pains of disfigured spine, backache etc. These body pains arise due to change in the lifestyle and unhealthy sleeping and dietary habits. So meditation has become a perfect solution to these lifestyle problems and an added advantage would be to use a meditation pillow. This will erect your spine and ease your joints while doing half Lotus pose. So a meditation cushion lifts your upper body away from the floor and helps you to adjust to the position. And it will allow your upper body to roll on the cushion in forward motion while maintaining the straight shape. 


Overall health 

Meditation will surely give inner peace and energize your body and mind but the overall health to your body and brain can be done with the small adjustments that are in your hands. The major adjustment here in this case is the use of the pillow itself, which is cost effective. The pillow will help you not only give a comfortable stay in the ground but also stay for a longer time thus making the meditation more effective and bringing overall health to your body and lifestyle. 




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