Why make use of elevated yard beds?

Standing garden planter boxes

Standing garden planter boxes can be an attractive and practical addition to your lawn, While raised beds have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years (they’re also at the White House now!), Why has it stuck around as long? Simply put, elevated beds make it easy to expand wonderful plants. Whether for food manufacturing or purely for decor, raised beds use simple remedies to several garden troubles.

Soil Health

Experienced garden enthusiasts will certainly know that achieving the best degrees of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and also potassium (K) is an important action in expanding healthy plants. Beyond NPK levels, nonetheless, is the real dirt make-up.  However, horticulture in raised plant beds garden you to bypass whatever existing soil problems could have. You can begin by importing new dirt and quickly add changes like plant food and garden compost to aid your plants in flourishing.

Weed Control

An additional benefit to elevated beds is the possibility of better controlling weeds in your garden. When you disturb the soil, you’re providing buried weed seeds and roots the opportunity to grow. Importing top-quality garden soil gives you a clean slate. Mounting a weed barrier in the bottom of your raised bed before generating dirt will certainly further hinder weeds and tree roots in your existing soil from making an appearance in your brand-new mattress.


A great dirt framework is crucial for root systems to expand and plants to obtain the nutrients they require. Foot website traffic compacts your soil, gradually breaking down all the little subterranean air pockets roots take advantage of. raised beds keep all the foot traffic far from the expanding area, permitting your plants to establish strong, durable origins. As a reward, a healthy dirt structure also advertises great water drainage, keeping your plants from getting waterlogged.

Longer Growing Season

 As well as, because the planet is excellent at preserving a stable temperature level, it can take more than a few bright spring days to warm up the dirt after winter months frost. Raised beds, however, are a different tale, creating their micro-microclimate. Without the continual insulation you find below ground, elevated beds are prepared for growing earlier in the season than the surface soil outside the bed. This indicates the additional time for your garden to expand– and more veggies, natural herbs, and blossoms for you to delight in.


Yard work is a classic root cause of pain in the back, even for those who are or else spry. You essentially bring the ground closer to you with raised garden beds, making it a lot easier to tend your garden without emphasizing your body. As well as for those with restricted movement, a tall elevated bed with sufficient access around it can readily be taken care of from a seated placement. Besides being easier to gain access to, raised beds have also boosted visual accessibility. By submitting your yard, you can much better check it for bugs, illness, weed growth, and other problems.


Many plants have preferable high qualities yet spread out vigorously. While our Inland Northwest winters months will certainly look after annual intruders, raised beds can be a wonderful service for perennials that could take over a garden, like mint, beebalm, or lily-of-the-valley. Weed obstacles can again be found convenient here, maintaining hostile roots from leaving their marked location just as it holds undesirable plants out.



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